Graphic Design under sanctions

An interesting peek on what sanctions are doing to graphic design and publishing in Russia. No Photoshop, no Indesign, no Illustrator. And, worse, no Instagram. For designers, this looks like postapocalyptic times. I would love to read a more in depth article on the subject about designers coping with sanctions.

From the article:

«“Since the conflict started, every step in the production line is a struggle,” said Vladimir Kukushkin, a director of a printing company in Ekaterinburg, Russia’s fourth-largest city.

Kukushkin complained that after Adobe announced that its software would not be available in Russia, he had to find new ways to design his products, while the rising prices of ink and paper have placed further strain on his business.

“It has also been hard to promote my business because Instagram and Facebook are blocked. These might look like little things but they really add up,” he said.»

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