What about Ukraine?

It has been challenging for me to think about the implications of Ukraine’s war on graphic design. I haven’t read any texts or interventions on the subject. Before writing this post, I took a […]

War pastimes

When the war in Ukraine began, I was playing Wordle every day. The violence of Russia’s unprovoked invasion threw me off that daily pastime. It was impossible to carry on as usual. I regularly […]

Graphic Design under sanctions

An interesting peek on what sanctions are doing to graphic design and publishing in Russia. No Photoshop, no Indesign, no Illustrator. And, worse, no Instagram. For designers, this looks like postapocalyptic times. I would […]

What Comes After Form? (2)

If Form is not Design’s paradigm anymore, what comes next? If you’d asked art critic Hal Foster around the turn of the Millenium, he would probably answer Design itself succeeded Form. In 2000, Foster […]

What Comes After Form?

There was a time when every other design book or magazine had to mention «form» on its title. When did speaking about form in graphic design begin to feel so dated? It’s not that […]

Design as a morality of form

What had Jan Tschichold and his adversary Max Bill in common? Both equated form with morality. During design’s high modernist phase, it was usual to talk about form in terms of morality, personal but, […]

Form is political

What are we speaking about when we speak about the politics of design? The “First Things First Manifesto,” published originally in 1964 and updated periodically, is an excellent place to search for an answer. […]

Peculiar Photo Books

Once in a while, I write about children’s photo books. Nowadays, most children’s books are illustrated, but there was a glorious period from the 1950s to the early 1980s when the format thrived, only […]


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