Loose teeth

Some years ago, I collected several instances of the same engraved denture for an exhibition. Initially, it appeared on a Deberny & Peignot catalog of stock engravings. Then it found its way to a […]

Positive Space

This is one of my favorite 80s book covers. Designed by the incomparable Vaughan Oliver and illustrated by Russell Mills. Both are best known for their work on record jackets, especially for 4AD. I […]

The Designer as Form, the Designer as Fiction

Twenty-one years ago, Ernst Bettler appeared for the first time on the pages of the second issue of Dot Dot Dot magazine. He was a fictional swiss designer character, concocted by Christopher Wilson from […]

Paul Rand, the Culture Wars and Feminism

Today, I read another raving article about Paul Rand. I like his designs, but I cannot enjoy the hagiographical little stories that people tell about him. His text, Good Design is Goodwill, is still passed around by […]

Design Over the Phone

In Bob Gill’s New York Times obituary, Michael Beirut talked about the so-called Big Idea style of graphic design: “Bob was not alone in his generation in thinking that you should be able to […]

Coming soon

I’m working on the second issue of my Impossuivel magazine. A small bilingual yearly publication. This one is about trends in graphic design.

The Absence of Objects in Design Criticism

In the past two decades, there has been an ever-widening effort to develop forms of graphic design criticism. There are new programs, new writers, new curators, and unusual vehicles and formats. To someone like […]


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